The Writing on the Wall … Alzheimer's Disease

TitleThe Writing on the Wall … Alzheimer's Disease
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsIozzio, MJ
Journal TitleJournal of Religion, Disability & Health

Abstract From a reflection on the challenges of providing care for a person with Alzheimer's {(AD)} disease, a daughter's look at mom's faithful care asks questions of {AD} disabilities, of virtues, and of the necessary and uniquely human prospects of {interdependent/Trinitarian} modeling existence. The first question considers the pathology of {AD} and other complicating health conditions. The second question explores the development of virtues, such as flexibility, stamina, humor, fidelity, and self-care that may enrich care-giving. The third question suggests that the current model {ofUS} healthcare inadequately finds justice for persons marginalized either by their unwelcome dementia or isolating care-giving.




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