Intelligent Design

Well, anyone up to discuss this one. This is a subject which is rather higher profile in the US than the UK, though it seems to be coming our way. So, instread if Creationism, which is banned in US schools as it is religion, the new idea is Intelligent Design. The general idea is that looking as some part of human biology, say blood clotting, one can say that it is so complex that it could ne have arisen by the random chances of evolution so must have been esigned by a designer. Of course, to avoid the creator thing, the designer is not named so it can be used in schools. This is, of course, in opposition to the general scientific view that all life has evolved fromthe orginal beings that formed form a soup of chemicals milions of years ago. Evolution works in 2 parts if you like. Part one, random changes in the DNA of a creature chnge the way the creature is. If those chages work better in the eviroment that the original creature, then in satge 2, the succesful creature passes on their genes to the next gereation, whereas the unsuccessful ones die out. Stage one is random whilst stage 2 is directional; directional is that the ones best suited ot the environment survive whilst the other so not. Well, is there anyone to debate this with?