"What a load of old rubbish" ??

As I have talked online with people on the issue of religion and disability, I have received responses similar to the one below (pulled from this thread)
what a load of old rubbish all this is .The disabled do not want you telling them how to run there lives keep your thoughts to your selfes and stop pushing YOUR religen on others we don't want to know.
There seems to be an inherent assumption in that attitude that I (or we as the case may be) am trying to push my own religious beliefs on others. For the record, I am not trying to proseletyze or tell anyone with a disability what to do with their life. My entire effort is focused on simply opening doors so that those who do want to worship will have the opportunity to do so- how, when, where and of course if they so desire. All that said, if the poster of the quote above, or anyone else has any specific feedback regarding any part of the website, I would love to hear it. Thanks.