Loving God and Disability (Recovered Post)

(This post was accidentally deleted during maintenance on the site, I don't know who posted it, but was able to get the text. If it was you, please take credit or repost- it looks like a good discussion) well, this site has been here of quite a while now and so far we not individually interesting discussions, least, once the data to the heart or the topic of this forum. So, let's see if we can do something useful. One of the big challenges to face, and indeed one of the proofs of God which in fact negates face is the problem of evil. Broadly speaking this runs along the line but not its proper enough and knowing enough that he could prevent evil but he chooses some reason or we don't know not to. This is far too broad discussion for this forum. Let's narrow things down a little. Those of us here who have disabilities are likely to have acquired them either through an accident of birth, a major accident or illness. Now for each of us the disability is a major challenge in everyday life. Whether it is going to church, and going to the supermarket, or just getting dressed a major disability means that everything is tougher and more challenging. The question is, "do we take the argument further and say if there were loving God he will not let this happen to me." It is certainly been the case that many people have been injured, and of course killed, by the recent major natural disasters in the world and those involved have had to come to terms with something that appears to be the opposite of that would ought to have an it was a loving God. If, for example, a person is injured in a motor accident were diving accident there is clear that they can blame themselves at least in part for the damage they suffered. Those, however, who suffered an accident of birth and illness or were involved in some natural disaster there appears to be no one to blame but maybe God. So, how do you reconcile your disability, or that of your child or partner, with a belief in a loving God who appears to allow subsidy deal to happen even to those who appear to be the most righteous. Does belief in this context makes sense?